Big Brother 7 All Stars

Monday, July 17, 2006

Big Brother 7 All Stars

Veto Comp is over. We didn't get to see that, they block out the live feeds -
But -
you hear the house guests talking about it afterwards.

So Erica won the Veto - and she has a broken rib.

So, Howie and James & Janelle are all pretty upset that they can't convince Kaysar to
tell Erica to use the VETO so that they can put up Will or Boogie.

Right now, Boogie is going on and on with Howie, threatening that he will have to "Hurt" someone from Howie's team. So, he wants Howie to pick someone from his team to go first.
Also, Boogie is complaining that Janelle is patronizing towards him and Will -

It's just ridiculous. Why would anyone talk to him? Look at him, he looks like an 80 year old man and his nose is huge. I can picture him working at a junk yard.

Boogie keeps repeating to Howie "I love you man, we wouldn't put you up"
What a snake. How could anyone believe him?

I hope Erica uses the VETO so they can put him up, but, she most likely won't have the balls.

I'm way behind on my posts....sorry

Now Sunday of week two on Big Brother 7 all stars. (Sunday Night) Alison evicted last week

Kaysar won HOH - He put up Diane and Nakomis - the plan was to put them up, and see if Jase tried to help either one, or looked upset.

(at this point, they didn't realize that Jase is playing his own game, lying to everyone, and states in his diary room sessions that he isn't in any alliances.)

The theory also included breaking up an alliance with Diane and Nakomis.... considering that Nakomis almost won the HOH, coming in second place. Nakomis is calm and collected, and won 3 HOH contests during her season.

There is fear that Nakomis will / or would put up Kaysar and Janelle if she won HOH next week or some other week.

After they were put on the block, Diane cried for hours. Will and Boogie are getting more and more annoying. They think that they are such hot SH**. It's hysterical to see them talking up their game, name dropping, etc , etc.

Why don't they know that if they really were "All that" they wouldn't sell their time to Big Brother? You notice, people that have "arrived" signing up for Big Brother.

Will goes on and on, making fun of the Big Brother fans, saying that there must be something wrong with them, for watching the live feeds. Hello ?
  1. Does he realize where his paycheck is coming from?
  2. What makes people watch the live feeds, is the same thing that sells tabloid magazines. The fan interest propels all of Hollywood.
  3. American Idol, soap operas, music videos, blockbuster movies, everything revolves around fans wanting more contact with the actors that they like.

So, now Howie, James, and Janielle are upset, because they want Kaysar to put up someone from CHILLTOWN

What is Chilltown? Chilltown is an alliance from a past BB season...

That consists of Will - (A past top winner that won 500 thousand dollars) and his friend Mike - called BOOGIE - nickname I guess

And maybe JASE and possibly Nakomis & Diane.

Diane was acting interested in Mike Boogie - which is unbelievable.

MIKE BOOGIE makes no secret of the fact that he uses women for sex. He is very disrespectful of women. Also, he's a name dropper... I can't see any reason for a woman to want to be used by him and disgarded like yesterday's trash.

In the food competition, he was pared with Diane. She was bent over in the gruel pit, looking for the plastic rat, and Mike Boogie grabbed her butt, and used it to shove her face harder and further into the gruel.

It looked like that he would be a very rough and selfish lover.

In her Diary Room Session, Diane was describing this, and stated that she didn't know if he was going to let her up for air?

Then, on another occasion, she said that he had "Decided for her that she was in a showmance with him?" or something similiar, which she shrugged like she had no control over this?

This is pretty sad - because according to current house guests, she let a guy DREW win in her BigBrother season because he pretended to like her. He then reportedly broke up with her right after the show ended.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Jase - Howie says he's like Brad Pitt, but he's really like arm-pit.

It's not as interesting at this point.... because they are reminising..... instead of ploting to keep their spot on the show.

Big Brother 7 Seven All Stars Live Feeds

Erica, Kaysar, Danielle, Marcellas, Howie, James, and maybe more, up talking sitting on the bed.
Jase is there - Will is there, but not talking much, as he's not allowed.

They are re-hashing their individual BB seasons...

Danielle - Just said that "I'm nice to look at" and Jerry (From BB6) sends me such nice Christmas cards.

Kaysar - said if someone needs to swear on the Bible, they could use the Karan to mix things up.

Howie is actually not talking about sex every second like he usually does.

Earlier, before Mike Boogie went to bed, James was whispering to him in secret -
He said that he wanted to partner with Will, Mike and himself - his excuse -
He said that he didn't want to be in a group with Howie, Janelle and Kaysar
because "As soon as they need to get rid of someone, it will be me. I am the most expendable. "

Then he said that Janelle screwed over / used 4 guys during BB6 and that's how she almost won.

Then he went outside and starting talking to Danielle. Danielle was asking about
Janelle -Supposedly - During the POV ceremony, Janelle she said that she wanted to take someone off, and then put someone else up, but she didn't want to upset the whole house. - So, Danielle was asking James who Janelle was talking about?

James said that he thought that it was just a generic VETO speech and that it didn't mean anything.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Big Brother 7 Seven All Stars Live feed Info

Everyone seems to still be sleeping.

Multiple feed censor block due to guests singing songs, BB doesn't allow singing songs because then they have to pay the writers for the usage of songs.

Last night, Will broke a chair, and was called into the DR Diary Room (11 PM Big Brother time ) and yelled at... he is no longer to talk on cam or take anything outside the BB house

Will then was telling Diane about what happened, and then she was called into the diary room

24 hour feeds chat comments: People commenting that Will and Mike Boogie are a secret romantic couple...............
Not that there's anything wrong with that......

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Big Brother 7 Seven All Stars
Info from 24 hour in house live feeds.

All talking about more movies.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Now Censor flames again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talking about the Big Brother 3 episode when they let them take
clothing off a rack - they got to keep whatever they could shove on their body
before the time limit was up.

Censor flames

talking about BB3 HOH prize to MTV awards show in New York

HOWIE: Did she bang anyone in New York?

wHAT AN a**

Jani talking about her black satin dress she wore to the Big Brother 6 final,
the dress wouldn't fit - so she had to have her dress cut off of her.

Alison complaining about the end of her season that some fan yelled " Suck it in Alison " because she gained a lot of weight.

Howie talking again about sex.... saying "she's getting banged" or at least grouped......

Big Brother 7 Seven All Stars
Info from 24 hour in house live feeds.

Lots of people eating (loudly) and talking - looks like it may be veryone.
Alison saying if someone proposes to her, and it's not original, than she'll just say no.

Talking about how big Julie's ring is.

George, Jani & Danielle on one couch.

Howie & Kaysar in separate chairs.

Jase, Marcellas and Erica on one couch

Danielle bringing up her dad again, money doesn't buy happiness.

Everyone thanking Jani, I think she made what they are eating.

- Censor flames back on -

Big Brother 7 Seven All Stars
Info from 24 hour in house live feeds.

Howie says that his sister was an extra in "THE BREAK-Up"

Jase is complaining about parts of Failure to Launch, witch did have it's bad areas,
but this guy said he had some Sh** from Zoolander as his ring tone -


Alison says that her and her man never go to the movies, - she watches pay per view
buy herself as her boyfriend falls asleep.

Janie offering food to people

Howie starts talking about how he would just attack Alison while she was watching the movie....
Of course he has to bring everything back to sex.

- Censor flames on. -

Big Brother 7 Seven All Stars
Info from 24 hour in house live feeds.

Danielle, Jase, Jani, Chicken George Howie & Alison talking about movies....

They are saying they like Zoolander????????

That movie totally sucked! That was the only movie that I ever left the theater in the middle of the movie!

Big Brother 7 Seven All Stars
Info from 24 hour in house live feeds.

Danielle: I don't have a lot of friends, I don't like the drama.


Danielle: Jason makes me want to be a better person.

Danielle talking about all of her friends, previously talking a lot about
her father.....

(really working the conversation)

Danielle talking about the Amy who was on BB3 with her...

(Feeds blocked by censor flames)

Big Brother 7 Seven All Stars
Info from 24 hour in house live feeds.

Kaysar describing that he thinks marriage is years and years of working on, never stopping....

Danielle: Respect is more important than love
Kaysar: Isn't Respect derived from love?

Danielle: Some people are in love and don't respect each other

Kaysar: In American, many women are independent.. Why wouldn't you want a woman to challenge you? If you want a maid, work harder and buy one.

Danielle: that's the way the cookie crumbles -

What? Stupid.

Big Brother 7 Seven All Stars
Info from 24 hour in house live feeds.
Kaysar and Danielle are talking for a long time.

First, Kaysar was talking about a Yanni concert that he went to -
Illistrating how Yanni does his show...

Danielle laughing and laughing and laughing.

Kaysar says he heard marriage is hard after the "honeymoon" period is over,
and asks Danielle what about the beginning? He thinks it would be harder in the beginning....

Danielle talks about having kids at an early age.. and not being able to balance
the time and jobs and kids....

Kaysar: How did you ever find time for yourself?
Danielle: Big Brother 3

Kaysar: I don't go to clubs...... when you get married, you should still have date night...important for communication & connection.

During the network show, after they gave keys to the houseguest...

.Julie told the 6 that didn't make it they were "locked" out of the house.

So, possible Big Brother surprise.... maybe one of them will get a chance to get a key into the house.

Big Brother 7 Live Feeds now showing everyone in beds, they appear to be sleeping.

Will said he can't get anyone alone, and no one will talk to him.
Danielle: that's why I stay up late.

They were talking about trying to talk to someone, I think it was James (not sure, whispering) but they were worried because he flip-flops

They Danielle said - well, he only did it when his A** was on the line - Then she and Will both agreed with that. -

(So basically, they are saying that no agreements are ever worth anything, because they all would flip-flop)

Will comes out of bathroom, washing hands....

Asks Danielle if anyone else is around.

Tells Danielle in whisper that if they decide to save someone with POV, it will be Danielle

Will: I love this show - I hated just sitting around all day today, but I love this show.

Will goes to bed.

Danielle flossing camera right up in her face.

Oh, -

Will saying if POV is chosen randomly, there is no way to backdoor someone by
winning the POV -

This is new, if this year the POV will be random selection

Danielle - saying that Howie is the most trustworthy of the BB6 click

Diane :notice James fights with Kaysar all the time?"

Will: smart to put up Janie & Howie next week"

Diane: So the producers can get mad and bring her back the next week. I'm not afraid

complaining about chicken George phoned in the POV, and that he keeps asking them stuff about how they played their individual seasons....

Complaining that Janie is a "Bad A**" and worried that she won HOH & POV

Talking about Boogie worried about James

Danielle, Diane, Will discussing possible new HOH next week, will there be 2 HOH?
and who would put up who if given the chance.

Diane - says she keeps catching people talking secretly to others.....

Will says - he keeps catching Howie secretly talking to lots of people....

Diane keeps repeating - Will & Boogie are together,
and Kaysar / Howie / Janelle are together.

and they think that everyone else is not in an alliance.

Will is saying that if the vote is not used, he still thinks that Danielle is safe.

Danielle is saying that she will no way feel safe. -

Will & Danielle.... let's team up

Will: "if James win HOH, I don't think he will put me up."

Yes definitely Danielle is talking , she says that she can't make any suggestions because her position is too vulnerable considering that she is up for eviction.

Will is suggesting talking Janelle into taking Danielle off and putting James up, but Diane is saying that she think Jan wants Alison off.

(I think Janie really wants Danielle off in a big way - she is pi**ed)

Will keeps repeating that he refuses to go to the sequester house... So he is planning on making sure that he is evicted before he would have to go there.

Now they're taking about is Janelle will used the POV -

and that no HOH that wins POV ever uses it to change their nominations.
Talking Will, and I think Diane and Danielle

Diane is in the bathroom washing her face.

I guess Howie and George were given the HOH room because they snore, but so does Marc and James.

Will is talking about everyone was on a 24 hour fast, but he was sneaking and eating............And BB was filming him eating all of the candy bars

Will says that he wasn't shown much in the first three episodes of his show,

Diane says that she wasn't in the first 5 episodes of hers

Howie is in bed with George in HOH room
In regular room lots of them are on laying on the floor.

Kaysar just said he can't believe that they let Will come back, after all of the trouble that he caused,.... Then he laughed and added that not only did they let Will come back, but added Boogie into his contract...

And of course, then we get the red flames again, blocking off the live feeds

James is snoring super loud... I can barely hear them talking, and I have the speakers turned up!

Diane is telling a story about someone.. . probably mentioning names.

The live feeds are now showing red flames,... they must be talking about something that we're not allowed to hear.

5:14 Am Eastern

Kaysar "From the time I wake up, until I go to sleep... it's non-stop Howie"

Kaysar is saying that sex makes a person give up too much of theirself just for a short feel-good session.......

Howie kepts pressuring Kaysar to hook up with previous BB guests... now Jen from BB6, the girl that promised not to put Kaysar up for eviction( but did it anyway )


Howie is asking Kaysar why he doesn't have sex with all of his show fans before it's too late?

Kay says he wants one girl, and things just haven't worked out for him as yet, and that he's strict with his faith.

He's saying that according to his faith he's not allowed to do anything before he gets married.

Howie is talking about Diane's butt - but using Howie speak, and Danielle's top, and Kaysay says that if he evey gets married Howie is never going to meet her....

Howie says yes he will, and that he will be the best man at Kaysar's wedding

Janelle won the POV -
Howie is telling Danielle that her BB character is the "Evil get it done..." type.

They are discussing whether BigBrother asked Maggie back to allstars.

Howie has of course turned the subject to "foot banging" because he always wants to talk about sex.

Now switching to the 4 room feed to see if I'm missing the HOH room.

The problem with the 4 room feeds is problems hearing what is going on.

Switching to other rooms, but the live feeds are showing people sleeping in bed, while the
sound is from the room where everyone is up.

SO.... I guess I'll go back to the room with everyone else in it.

Kaysar is hugging Will from behind.... there is back cracking noises, but Will says still didn't work.

Now, Will lying on floor on stomach, Kaysar is pressing on the middle of his back.

Howie has now entered the room.

Howie just said that Danielle is "Hurting for a squirt" Now making pervert sex motions with his hips, and sex noises.

Marcellas now talking, they started out discussing which season was the best to be on... (in their opinion)

People saying that BB6 looked like the worst.... James said they would be insane if they were on that.

Kaysar trying to crack Will's back?

Tater Joe

4:39 AM Eastern Time - Big Brother Live Feeds.....

I just tuned in, so, I'm not sure what exactly is going on, but a lot of house guests are talking in one bedroom. James, Kaysar talking, people in beds and on floors.